Off Limits Security


Notify the right people right away.

With security being on everyone's mind, Off Limits Security can easily and quickly install an alarm at your home or business.

We offer both wired and wireless options so if it's difficult or not possible to run wires you can still have the peace of mind knowing that you, your home, and/or business are safely monitored. When an unauthorized intrusion occurs you can have the alarm set to just sound the siren, or notify you, or send the police. You can even have a wireless flood sensor installed around water pipes or other household objects that may leak causing damage to your home.

If you have an elderly loved one living at home we also install systems that will allow them to carry a pendant around their neck or wrist that they may activate and alert you in the event of an emergency.

Card Access

Limit Access to secure areas.

If it's card access you're looking for, we can also secure your building with a system to allow for controlled entry and exit. Whether you would like a secure area or just to know when employee's arrive or leave, we would be happy to discuss the different options available and find the system that's right for you.